duminică, 11 septembrie 2016

How to rent shuttle service with minivan in Bucharest

I was traveling recently for my vacation in Romania, and as the first step would have been to actually visit the capital, Bucharest I had to rent a mini van for a shuttle service with minivan from Otopeni to Bucharest - which I was not expecting to be very good and/or very pleasant bbut top be honest - I have enjoyed a ride with one of the best cars that I have ever saw - a Mercedes mini van.

Now - although I did not believed the fact that I would like so much this city I have to be honest and tell you the truth - Bucharest is a city that needs to be visited, as there is a huge variety of things that can be done in it.

As for the atractions we have:
- a lot of parks and green places
- Palace of the Parliament named also Casa Poporului (one of the largest buildings in Europe)
- a lot of interesting museums - especially the art and the history one
- Museum of Natural History
- Herastrau Park
- Cismigiu Park
- A lot of old interesting Cemeterys
- Hanul of Manuc
- The old city center
- The network of passages

I really enjoyed my staying in Bucharest, the food was great, we visited a lot of places and we found out that even the comunist cities of the east can be very beautiful.

Also - the people were speaking english (almost all of them) and everyone was pretty helpful - the only downside was in fact that the city is very crowded.

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